Lindsay Woodruff: Blog en-us (C) Lindsay Woodruff (Lindsay Woodruff) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:23:00 GMT Lindsay Woodruff: Blog 120 90 The Dubreuils I had the fun pleasure of capturing this fun vibrant family all together before Jack goes off to college next fall. Their last year together at Moravian Academy was captured on campus behind the beautiful Snyder house on the very lawn where Jack will be walking for the graduation ceremony. Jack and his momma Lisa (who is Moravian's tireless, energetic, and ever funny and positive college counselor) designed and practiced their custom handshake. It was also a pleasure to see Tom who I don't get to see as often and to meet both their dogs Hailey and new addition Luna. Lisa's very good friend from college helped wrangle the pups and provided great cheer during the shoot so it was fun to capture a moment between two dear college friends. I love these folks, they never shy away from having fun and their family bond is so palpable I didn't have to direct them very much at all. This is The Dubreuil Family. With love and best wishes for this last year before graduation ~


I asked Jack to Jump in an homage to Philippe Halsman. This guy is getting ready to take off he's sure to fly.

Lisa is one of my favorite colleagues she is professional but always finds a way to let loose. She is hilarious and always makes me smile.

You got this Jack. Mom & dad helped to see you through... now it's on you. We all wish you well as you move forward. 





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GRACE Grace and I had fun awkwardly delivering knock knock jokes, communing with nature on MA's gorgeous campus, playing with light and angles, and laughing at nothing in particular (or perhaps we were mostly laughing at ourselves). Grace ~ you are a fun and knowledgeable model and a fantastic photographer in your own right. Enjoy greek life in Alabama. Thanks for enlivening my end of school year spirits with a fun shoot. 

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Jessie + Tamer Jessie & Tamer,

Celebrating your love last Saturday was a gift. All in attendance were surrounded by your love, creativity, and good nature. Your ability to imbue everything around you with beauty and fun made your wedding day an absolute joy to behold. The day itself was itself an aesthetic experience. 

All were immersed in fun, color, and light. We floated through the grounds like dandelion seeds blown off their stem by Chloe as she danced and spun in her dress. We became floating stars twinkling on the dance floor in the good company of all other orbs of glowing light in the night sky and steeped in your fairy princess magic. 

Your adoration for one another and the magic you hold one another in held us all. The day and all that was created was a treasure - and so are you. Begin your marriage in technicolor with your spirits full for one another and all that is around you!

The universe is on your side.

Heaven and earth have finally aligned. Days are good, and that's the way it should be.

Congratulations ~ your love is cosmic ~ and together we all floated among the stars.

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Lehigh Valley Gay Men's Chorus I had the pleasure of dropping in on a rehearsal of the Lehigh Valley Gay Men's Chorus. The enthusiasm for song, fun, and inspiration were palpable. Check them out! Thank you for inviting me in! 

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Betty Meet a person I am so lucky to have in my life - Betty. For me, Betty is so often "that friend" who is there and can be called upon at a moments notice for support, a kind intelligent ear, and excellent advice. We all should be so lucky to have "that friend." The one who is ALWAYS there for us. In fact - THAT FRIEND is actually usually there for everyone. Those individuals are often the primary support for a whole network of people. They are strong, stable, loving, giving of all they have in the service to all others. Sometimes even at the expense of themselves. Betty is that person. She is someone who will meet a total stranger, befriend them immediately and offer them sage helpful wisdom on how to navigate NYC bus system. We all LOVE Betty. She is the absolute best friend any one would be lucky to have.

I took this picture of Bet on a beautiful day last summer. I noticed the light shining through her wide brimmed hat casting beautiful patterns of light on her face. I have been meaning to share this image here and write about her as a way of honoring all of the giving she does. 

I write about things on this blog that inspire me. Things that I see in everyday moments of everyday life that I had the privilege to capture. It is a small creative mission and a space for sharing. Betty and her husband Dave are setting out on a creative mission of their own to create a little new person just like them who will come into the world and continue their work of daily good. 

They could use a bit of support in their creative enterprise ... Help them to make another truly amazing person. The world will be all the better for it.

Please follow this link make a donation to a great mission.

Consider your gift a gift in service to those who give so much to so many. Love your Bet & Dave!





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Major Taylor! If the ultimate goal of a great Valentine's Day is to enjoy love, be surrounded by it, feel it, honor it – this year I’m sorted! In capturing a collection of early moments in the life of Marshall “Major” and his closest people I felt the love. 

This is a love letter to that new little being, who has made us fall in love. Teaching us to hold on tight. A tiny creature to keep warmth with. A little one who shows us all to be new again. Reminding us of fresh experiences, sweetness, and goodness. A pure light demonstrating the love experienced by a family figuring it all out. And to the family that discovers how to stretch, pull, tug at one another to fit itself to a new one. They hold to one another tightly. Knowing in those early days how to grasp with firm purpose onto that which is THE most REAL. This is a love letter to that newness of negotiation between each of those in family that is learning to grow and expand their hearts even more intensely inviting that new one in.

I have delayed writing this post because I have been at a loss of words for the love I feel for these wonderful people and their growing family. I began writing to try to put into words an expression of what I see when I see them. This is a feeble attempt at an explanation but it will have to do because I can't wait to share these images. I love these beautiful people from their insides out and that is really about all I have to say on this topic. Hopefully these pictures convey my love for you Trisha, Mark, Adeline, & your new little Major.

kisses from he guys.

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Just in time for Christmas Just in time for Christmas. Bevin brought the family together for fun and photography. The whole gang came out to play. What fun we had! Here is a little taste of the Christmas magic that is family. Merry Christmas to all!

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Bryce & The Gang - Non je ne regrette rien! Coming back around to these images shot this summer. These gents were classic. Covered in soot with a work hard play hard attitude. I had to grab my camera. These same dudes pulled a row boat around by their ATV, beer in hand, laughing and having fun. Carpe The F*ck out of that Diem gentlemen - No Regrets. A few days after these shots were snapped Bryce's Truck caught fire on the side of the highway. Everyone was ok but the beloved red truck didn't make it. 


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Joujan Family Being granted entry into the home of a family who has recently welcomed a new baby into the world is a privilege and a gift. It is a hazy time full of new and fleeting moments. My invitation and experience in the home of the Joujan family was a powerfully tender one.

The moment I stepped in I was surrounded by a feeling of warmth. My eyes were filled with color, light, texture and my heart was wrapped with their love and comfort. Their family bond and tender care for one another was both visible and palpable. Lauren and Alex have crafted a home and a life so full of sweetness and care for their children and for one another. It was immediately clear that there was so much to capture in sharing their family story. It was hard for me to stop photographing. Each photographed moment between Lauren, Alex, Chloe, Dawson, and baby Teagan in their gorgeously colorful house felt blessed and special. I am so thankful to have been invited into their sacred and beautiful space. Thank you beautiful family.

Dad always give Dawson stellar airplane rides! Chloe dances and jumps in her ruby slippers.

A few moments of vulnerability.

Lauren told me that Alex always kisses the baby after swaddling her. The tender moment. 

So full of Love and Joy

A smile perhaps? Paper Flames Crafted during the shoot. :) Sweetness

Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind

Thank you Joujan's.

Much Love,


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Lucy Fire Dancer These image were shot over five years ago. I recently resurrected them from cobwebs and the far corners of my photo archive. I had to opportunity to be absorbed and dazzled by watching Lucy perform/play/dance with fire. Enjoy the glorious spectacle of light and beauty that is Lucy - fire dancer.

Long exposures of Lucy dancing with fire.

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Katie + Mike Moravian Stars I feel so inspired I just can't fall asleep. I had to share these images from today's session with Katie & Mike. Katie and her family have been long time members of Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem. At the end of the shoot, Katie & Mike were posing beautifully in a spot where I could see both the old church and the more widely used newer church. The sun crept through the two buildings illuminating what I saw as a Moravian Star right about the two sweet loves. It took my breath away. You can see the love in these shots... Many more to come Katie & Mike this is just the beginning (some great shots from when Mike was showing off his dance moves, and then Katie took a turn). Loads of love, plenty of laughter, the sweetest smooches, and abounding happiness! My heart is full of joy for you both that you have found each other. Moravians that came before you are celebrating you tonight! Can't wait to capture the nuptials! - better sleep baby Eli will be up in an hour! <3 love linds

...Scroll down to see the slide show.

This sweet woman is making the party favors for the wedding by hand!

The Moravian Star Shines for these two love birds!

The Moravian Star shines for these two love birds!

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Ella & Isa - The "Twinados" turned 1 These babies were an absolute gift to their mama, grandmama and our entire community! I was so impressed by the ease to which my friend Jenny took to being a mother, she is always so at peace with herself and her beautiful babies. Everyday that I see her with the twins is a testament to her parenting. She is a natural, and she is an inspiration to me - as I am so often feeling frantic and rushed as a mommy of two. Even though we were rushed out of the park by a less than patient man, Jenny handled the situation with ease never stopped smiling for her babes. The party was a colorful and fun celebration of these two beautiful and blessed beings! Love you guys! 


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Adie Mae is 3! Childhood is magical. It was a treasure to spend the day with Adie Mae, her family, and friends capturing her "Everywhere is a YES ZONE" Water Play Party! Trish & Mark are going to bring so much happiness into the life of another little person. Happy 3rd Birthday darling Adaline, enjoy becoming a big sister!   

Mother & daughter portrait by Carter LeBlanc "I'm 3!"

Artifacts of Childhood Every surface is art friendly in the Taylor household.  Sam and his treasure

The Taylors - Soon to be the parents of TWO! Congratulations on life well lived!

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